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trijekt GmbH

Company History

Development of a fully electronic ignition and injection control
The beginning

It started with an innovative idea in 1992:
The development of a freely programmable fully electronic ignition and injection control.

Engine control unit "tri-x"
First series production

The distribution of the first control units in series started.

New application area

Originally designed for use in motorsport, trijekt ECUs have evolved into products for the most diverse industrial sectors as a result of their consistent focus on market requirements and customer expectations.

New product: trijekt plus

From constant further development the engine control unit “trijekt plus” was developed.

Company operates a legal form trijekt GmbH
trijekt GmbH

Since 2005 the company trijekt has been operating under the legal form GmbH.

Introduction of new products:
trijekt bee & trijekt premium

Due to constant demand two new engine control units were developed:
trijekt bee – small and powerful, especially for use in motorcycles
trijekt premium – our top model, ready for any application

Moving to Wenden
New premises

In 2012, the headquarters was relocated from Freudenberg to Wenden. At Wielandstraße 3, we maintain modern designed and furnished administrative, production and test rooms.

New engine test bench
modern and flexible

Since the year 2015, we have a modern engine test bench at our disposal.
Gasoline and gas engines with a power of up to 110 kW can be tested.

New product: trijekt gas

Innovation for gas engines: trijekt gas is a complete engine management system and combines all the functions required to control a gas engine in just one control unit.

completed development: hydrogen injection
energy transition

Further milestone in the functional development of trijekt gas: In addition to a central gas mixer, injection valves can now also be controlled, as are common in hydrogen engines in particular. The unit controls the gas supply sequentially, i.e. individually matched to the individual cylinder.

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