quality policy

The company policy of the trijekt GmbH can be summarized in four guiding principles:
Guideline 1 :

Satisfied costumers

By means of an optimal quality of the products and a comprehensive service we want to achieve a high customer satisfaction, to increase it steadily and thus to transform the "normal" customer / supplier relationship into a long-term, partnership-like connection.
Guideline 2 :

Oriented and motivated employees

With an optimal flow of information and a close, active involvement of the employees in the business processes, a high level of employee satisfaction is to be achieved in that everyone can recognize how and where he contributes to the company's success.
Guideline 3:

Responsible leadership

With a market-oriented strategy and cost-conscious action we want to ensure a high profitability of the company. The resulting confidence and owner satisfaction should ensure appropriate investment in the future of the company.
Guideline 4:

Responsibility to the environment

The management and employees of trijekt GmbH are aware of their responsibility towards the environment and the environment in which they live. They want to help shape and improve. They are aware that the processes taking place in their establishment influence the environment. The minimization of this influence is given great importance.